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Video Games Around the World: Mexico

Video Games Around the World is a forthcoming book published by MIT Press and edited by Dr. Mark Wolf who is a is a Professor in the Communication Department at Concordia University Wisconsin.

“Video Games Around the World” will be the most global look at video games yet to appear, with 38 essays, on Africa, Arab World, Argentina, Austria, Australia,
Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,
Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, and Venezuela.”

Video Games Around the World will be published somewhere around 2014.

I was tasked with the writing of the essay about Mexico and then invited Jacinto Quesnel to be a co-author, we are publishing our essay about Mexico here with authorization from the editor.


Humberto Cervera & Jacinto Quesnel

In this essay we will explore the history of video games in México. Due to the lack of previously published information, this will be an exploration of the word-of-mouth side of this story. We will explore the retail industry, game journalism, and game development; there is little to none written record of México’s video game history, so this essay is based on interviews with a few key players in the industry. There is still a lot missing in this tale; sadly some other key players couldn’t be found or did not concede to be interviewed by the authors. This small piece is only comparable to the first relaxed steps at the bottom of a mountain before getting to the climbing. The authors hope you find this piece as enjoyable as it is informative.  The interviewees are:

Gonzalo “Phill” Sanchez is a Game Development teacher at the SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering), UVM (Universidad del Valle de México), and other universities.  He is also Editor-in-Chief at Motor de Juegos (MDJ) ( He has almost 10 years of experience in the video game market and at Motor de Juegos he has created a community of devoted Mexican developers. He is well-known for the support he offers to aspiring developers and is the Mexican authority on the state of the video game industry. MDJ publishes a yearly report on the state of the industry.

Adrian “Carqui” Carbajal is Editor-in-Chief at OXM (Official Xbox Magazine México). Carqui has been a journalist in the industry since its birth. He has worked at the major local publications, at Club Nintendo, and was the Editor-in-Chief at Atomix and later for EGM en Español (Electronic Gaming Monthly). He has seen firsthand how the industry started and how it evolved to what it is now.

Jose M. Saucedo has almost 20 years of experience as a Mexican video game journalist; he was the founder of Contacto PSX (the first indie game magazine in México), after he became the Editor-in-Chief of Atomix magazine  He is now working at Team One, as a sales representative for several publishers for the Latam region, and he is responsible for community management and support in marketing campaigns.

Gabriel Palacios has participated in nation-wide education projects such with the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública), CONACyT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología), amongst many others government institutions. He creates educational content, educational video games, and transmedia gamification strategies for education. He is also a digital artist whose work has been in exhibits in several art galleries in the United States and MK&Gon  Germany.

Ivan Chapela has much experience in the Mexican video game industry. He established Radical Studios in the late 1990s, one of the pioneer developing studios in Latam; in 2005 he directed Atomix magazine, the biggest video game publication in Latam at the time; and in 2007 he founded 3nMedia, a consulting agency for the Latam video game industry.  He has positioned himself as a key player with in the industry and as a leader in PR and marketing, experience which gives him unique and broad insight into game development and the retail industry. Leer el resto de esta entrada »


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