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The Two Types of Gamification

Gamification, some might call it a buzzword, and some might call it a thriving industry. The thing is that Gamification is something so new (The first someone googled the word was in August 2009) that we all keep discussing what Gamification really is.

After spending almost one year working as a full time Game Designer and Gamification consultant I feel it is time to add my voice to the conversation.

Lucky for me It was two months ago that I found a great Facebook group where I can discuss with my peers about this subject and I have come to realize that the discussion is actually divided between two opinions.

Some people that just adding progress bars, trophies and points is enough to Gamify your system and some others believe that anything that adds a playful activity is enough two Gamify a system.

Sad thing is that those who believe trophies and points are all you need to Gamify the system quickly dismiss the other group, and the same thing happens with the other guys. Leer el resto de esta entrada »


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